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Saturday, March 18, 2006

This weekend has been absolutely horrendous....however, after i had nowhere to turn too. I finally turned to Jesus....as i was on path of healing....i decided to meditate...and just let God speak to me...through my pen....He wrote a letter to me...I broke down...and just....was in awe....From that letter...i wrote a poem....

Broken with despair,
Sigh of hopelessness,
Scream of frustration,
And tears of sorrow,
Set my heart seeking,

All I hear, silence;
All I see, darkness;
All I smell, foulness;
All I taste, blandness;
All I feel, coldness.

Facedown before You
My spirit wrestles.
Never letting go,
Your mercy and grace
Breathe new life, once more

This false world deceives,
As the physical
Reflections delude
The reality
Of eternity

Within my glad soul
That praises You, Lord,
Fathoms a small glimpse
That only through You,
Life is beautiful.

(Inspired by God) Peter Chung
I have talked with many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ...and i can see....much suffering and hopelessness....I pray that we will fight together...through thick and thin....through His grace and mercy...


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